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Parallel to the development of the various activities of production, to ensure the highest level of quality and service, there have been developed a number of professional qualified services in support of the customers.

Real services and concretely tangible, guaranteed not by "Call Center", but by staff of trained technicians and equipment of excellence, both continuously updated to the maximum of quality and substance, as it is for us a custom for each topic on which we operate.

The services available are the following:

  • Technical advice Service sensors & systems
  • Supporting Services for Projects for funds Obtaining
  • Technical Training
  • Design and Construction Tools & Sensors Special Service
  • Metrological Laboratory of Calibration and Verification for Sensors & Tools
  • Engineering Division - Services Engineering Support Systems
  • Service of Assistance, Repair and Maintenance of Tools & Systems, also in Field
  • Installation specialized services for operational areas
  • Monitoring Professional Service in Cloud Web Service - www.cwscloud.it
  • Service PRIVATE LABEL - Customizing products for OEM customers