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Produzione Software: 
This division was established shortly after the electronic part. Initially founded as a services division, which used third-party platforms on which to build our small applications, we soon realized that this road had many limitations and did not allow us to really develop all our ideas and our potential, then we decided to invest and develop a new platform totally CEAM that could really be synergistic with the development of electronic products and that included all the ideas and innovations that we had in the drawer, but especially, realizing something innovative with which to face the future with success.
And not without some initial difficulties and some mistakes in pursuing mistakenly CUSTOM applications, but in the end we realized it was not the right way for the product quality and we have developed the right strategy and is born the web software platform CEAM © CWS32 that today after over 10 years it is a standard in many sectors, finding always an increasing acceptance for its characteristics of huge power and simplicity at the same time, for this growing at a rate above and beyond our initial expectations.
Today CUSTOM applications are still welcome, but are delegated to other specialized companies or sister company of the group. "